The Conesus Lake Association

The Conesus Lake Association office at Vitale Park.

The Conesus Lake Association, founded in 1932 as The Conesus Lake Cottagers’ Association, was created “to promote and protect the interests of the residents of the Conesus Lake region in the use and enjoyment of their properties; to develop and continue a community spirit among the residents of this region and to suggest, secure, and promote such improvements, betterments, advantages, attractions, and points of interest in the Conesus Lake region as will improve and increase the use and enhance the attraction to tourists and any others interested in the beauties and advantages of this region.”

Our mission now, as reflects changing times, is to “promote the health, safety, and welfare of the residents, both permanent and temporary, of the area community known as Conesus Lake, Livingston County, New York.” As a drinking-water source for many thousands of residents of the county, the need to protect the lake is always uppermost in the minds of the association's board of directors and members.

The membership has united in the past to help with numbering properties, passage of dock laws in the four towns that comprise the shoreline of the lake, perimeter sewer lines and water lines, flood gates on the outlet, speed limits, the county's Watershed Management Plan, and numerous other issues recognized in the 70+ years of the organization.

To further the sense of community, the association sponsors the annual “Lake of Fire,” consisting of lining the perimeter shores of the lake with road flares, lit at 10:00PM on the third of July to create a “ring of fire.” Residents, boaters, and even a few aviators take pleasure in the display.

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