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Vitale Park Building Demolished!

The Town of Livonia has decided to replace the aging facility in Vitale Park with a new building! The old building, which housed the CLA office, was demolished January 17 and 18. The building was moved to its site circa 1950, and served the community for many years. It provided the Livingston County Sherriff’s Department a much-needed substation in the local community and was also home to the Vitale Park office and the Conesus Lake Association.

 The Coast Guard Auxiliary also used the building as the base for the Conesus Lake Auxiliary. The meeting room of the building served many community groups including TOPS (Take Off Pounds Successfully), local garden clubs, and others.

The footers for the new 48’x48’ building are poured, and there is hope to have the new structure up by summer. This structure will be located to the East of the current location thus opening up a view of the lake from the parking lot; and will house the Sherriff Substation, the Vitale Park office, and the CLA office. There will be a community meeting room available for use by local organizations like TOPS, Garden clubs etc. In addition, the Town is working with the CLA, Chip Holt Nature Center, Livingston County Planning Department, County Soil and Water, Cornell Cooperative Extension, County Health, DEC, and the Conesus Watershed Council to establish an Environmental Awareness Program in the Watershed with programs focused on the best practices to be utilized to protect Conesus Lake.

Funding for the building structure comes from the Town of Livonia. The contents are being funded in part by donations from the CLA, as well as potential grants from the County Planning Department. If you are aware of a source of office furnishings or equipment that we may not know about, feel free to share this with us by return email.

We will need to purchase furniture and equipment for the CLA office, as well as conference room furniture. A digital projector and other equipment will be needed to support the CLA Mission. Your tax-deductible donations will help defray these costs. You can send your tax deductible check to:

Conesus Lake Association
PO Box 637
Lakeville NY 14480-0637

Please note in the Memo portion of your check that the donation is for the CLA Building Fund. A receipt for your check will be sent to you by return mail.

Thanks in advance for your support.

ConesUS all of us doing our part.