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Information on identifying, preventing and controlling oak wilt

Visit the DEC webpage for more information on identifying, preventing and controlling oak wilt.



Hotline number for reporting, DEC Forest Health, at 1-800-650-0652.

Canandaigua has the closest known location of Oak Wilt.  

Two new locations have been found in Schenectady County. Steps on How to Protect Your Oak Trees are listed below, including following firewood restrictions (use local firewood) and reserving oak tree pruning for October to February. Mary Underhill Conesus Lake Watershed Manager/Planner Livingston County Planning Department 6 Court Street - Room 305 Geneseo, NY  14454

Phone: (585) 243-7550

DEC is Taking Action

DEC will be establishing a protective zone encompassing the two new locations in the Town of Glenville. Removal of oak wood or firewood of any species from the protective zone will be prohibited. Since no effective chemical treatment for oak wilt currently exists, DEC will use other treatment methods at each location, depending on site characteristics. These can include:

    • Removing and destroying infected trees,
    • Cutting down a buffer of adjacent trees, and
    • Digging trenches to prevent spread from one oak to another through roots.

How to Protect Oak Trees

    • Prune oaks between October and February – NOT during the growing season when insects are active. Oak wilt can be spread by beetles attracted to freshly cut or injured trees. 
    • Follow the rules of the protective zone.
    • Learn to identify oak wilt's symptoms:
      • Discoloration around the entire leaf edge (see photo) and
      • Sudden loss of a substantial portion of leaves during the summer.
    • Use local firewood. Firewood can transport oak wilt and other deadly pests and diseases to new areas.

Contact DEC's Forest Health toll-free information line at 1-866-640-0652 with questions, or email photos of tree symptoms to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also visit DEC's oak wilt webpage.


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