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Conesus Lake Fish Kill Contingency Plan Published

The Conesus Lake Fish Kill Contingency Plan is now available on the county's web site, and "Resident & Lake User Action Plan" pamphlets are now available.

Following a major fish kill in Chautauqua Lake during 2005, the Conesus Lake Watershed Council proactively authorized the development of a fish kill contingency plan for Conesus Lake.  With significant input from a number of state, county and local agencies, including the Conesus Lake Association, a Conesus Lake Fish Kill Contingency Plan was approved by the Watershed Council in November 2007 and has been annexed to the Livingston County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.

The full text of the adopted fish kill contingency plan can now be found at the following Internet location:

In addition, an abbeviated Resident & Lake User Action Plan, a clip-and-save page which identifies the specific, essential actions that should be taken if a major fish kill incident occurs in Conesus Lake, was published in the CLA's Winter 2008 newsletter, Laker News.  Copies of this edition of Laker News were mailed to all lake residents, whether or not they are members of the CLA.  This Resident & Lake User Action Plan should be retained by all lake residents and users in a location where it can easily be retrieved if needed. 

The same action plan will be included in the CLA's Summer 2008 newsletter, and brochure-form copies will be made available to all lake residents/users through the CLA's Lake Representatives later this Spring.

For additional information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go directly to the Livingston County web site indicated above.