A Call for Donations – Our Community Needs Your Help!

As you may have noticed, our circa-1950 Vitale Office Building/Sheriff Substation is no more! This building, which served so many vital needs of our community, including a home for the Conesus Lake Association, will be replaced with a beautiful new structure this spring, funded by the Town of Livonia. As planning proceeded on the new building, many organizations working together realized that this new building could be far more than a replacement community meeting room. It will serve as a Watershed Center for Environmental Awareness and an educational center for Best Practices to protect Conesus Lake.

The Planning Committee envisions many programs intended to be educational as well as research-based — including the ability to rapidly identify harmful algae blooms, training on the identification of new invasive species, and tools to measure the chemistry of surrounding streams — all of which will be of direct and important value to our lake. To achieve these goals, we will need to provide equipment and supplies that cannot and have not been included in the budget provided for by the Town of Livonia. To name a few items, we will need microscopes, specimen storage units, water quality kits, a digital projector, projection screen, and other educational aids and supplies. All of these items, which are all important, require real dollars; and a source for these dollars has not yet been identified.

We realize that there are many charitable organizations that place demands on your budget, but we hope you will see the value in these important enhancements to our new home and will give serious thought to donating to fund these programs.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Conesus Lake Association. Checks can be mailed to:

Conesus Lake Association

Attn: Building project

PO Box 637

Lakeville NY 14480-0637


Thank you for your consideration!

Any questions on this project, contact Charlie Braun at info@conesuslake.org