When the Conesus Lake Watershed Management Plan (CLWMP) was adopted in 2003, a green light was given to 34 significant action items. One of them was the creation and distribution of a lake-friendly brochure full of “to-do’s” and “not-to-do’s”.

The objective of this brochure – entitled “Conesus Lake Watershed: Is It Worth Protecting?” – was to help all those living in the Conesus Lake watershed better understand what can and should be done to bring the lake back to the way it was centuries ago. OR at least as it was in our great-grandparents’ day.

The 12-page brochure covers a wide range of topics, from best management practices for agriculture to intelligent lawn care, from controlling runoff to dealing with problematic aquatic weeds and algae.

The Conesus Lake Watershed Council, with financial support from a state grant given to the Conesus Lake Association, has ensured that funds were available to print and mail this user-friendly brochure to every household in the watershed, not just to lakeshore residents. The CLA will take the lead in mailing to all those living around the perimeter of Conesus Lake.

CLA member families who have paid their 2005 annual dues by the middle of March 2005 will receive a copy of this brochure along with their 2005 Lake Directory, in April. Families who have not paid their 2005 dues by that date, or lakeshore families who are not CLA members, will receive their copy of the “Conesus Lake: Is It Worth Protecting” brochure by itself. “

The Watershed Management Council and CLA’s objective, to put these brochures in the hands of virtually every homeowner or renter in the watershed in April, will allow everyone to read, digest and then put its many smart ideas into practice this year.

Read the brochure from cover to cover, and keep it handy as a reference. Remember, each one of us in the watershed needs to do our part to preserve the treasure that is Conesus Lake.