CLA Board of Directors Standing Committees and Work Groups

The Conesus Lake Association has many ways for you to become more active in your lake community.  Listed below are some of the ways you can do that.  If you are interested in working with a committee listed, simply send an email to and put the name(s) of the committee(s) in the subject line.  We will see your email gets to the proper person.

Activities – Plan, promote, and implement all lake/watershed-related social activities sponsored or conducted by the CLA, including but not limited to, the following examples:

            Arts & Crafts – Planning, promoting, and executing an annual craft event.

            Boat Parade – Labor Day weekend “Put Summer To Rest” event.

           Lake of Fire – Planning, promoting, and bring to fruition the CLA’s annual Lake of Fire, including the   acquisition and distribution of flares to fully illuminate the shoreline of Conesus Lake as an activity that promotes community-wide spirit.

Directory – Plan, develop, produce, distribute, and maintain the annual Directory.

Fish & Wildlife – Plan and execute strategies and plans to protect and improve the quality, quantity, and variety of supportable fish and wildlife species in the watershed.  Actively support the enforcement of all fish and wildlife conservation laws.

Government & Community Relations – Develop strategies, plans, and actions to maintain and improve the quality of life in each lakeshore town through the development and maintenance of strong relationships with county, town, and village government officials and the community-at-large.  Act as liaison between county/town/village boards and the CLA.

Lake Safety – Plan and implement strategies to support the enforcement of state navigation laws on Conesus Lake; maintain the CLA’s system of speed buoys; act as the CLA’s liaison with emergency services and law enforcement agencies as needed.

 Lake Watershed and Water Quality – Plan, develop, execute, and monitor the effectiveness of strategies, tactics, programs, and initiatives to protect and improve the environmental health and water quality of Conesus Lake for future generations; to actively partner with government agencies and other organizations at all levels to maximize the use of resources; and to foster a community spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance to address the challenges confronting Conesus Lake.

 Sponsorship – Plan, develop, and implement strategies to obtain external sponsorships for the CLA’s annual Directory and other organizational activities.

Supervisors & Representatives – Coordinate, train, and support lake CLA Supervisors and Representatives who communicate with members and prospective members to support CLA activities and projects.

Welcome to the Lake – Reach out to our new neighbors to answer any questions they may have, encourage membership and participation in the CLA, and to educate them on what it means to be good stewards of Conesus Lake.

The following Work Groups are also actively seeking your participation:

Boat Steward/Boat Wash Program ~ Community Education Center at Vitale Park ~ Youth Education Group ~ Kayak Club ~ Stream Monitoring Group ~ Technology Group